Tuesday, October 15, 2013

3 Clever and Simple DIY Ideas

DIY projects don't necessarily involve big expertise and handiness. Little cleverness mixed with a touch of simplicity - you get these solutions. Some may call them hipster, others may find them really useful. Hope you like them.

Audio Purse 

1. Got any old cassettes? Get them out of the boxes and buy a 14 inches. long zip.
2. Take the tapes apart by unscrewing the bolts. Don't forget about the 5th bolt in the middle. Remove the unneeded parts by leaving only the plastic sides.
3. Open the zip and start glueing it (or use a silicone pistol, if you have one). Start from the short side. Apply a thick line of glue/silicone.
4. Your audio purse is ready to use. Suitable for keeping cards, money or anything that fits.

Vase Cover 

Stylish most probably isn't the best description for this vase cover. I'll let you decide, but I think it could fit a colourful interior. 
1. What is needed - a vase and a sock.
2. Put the sock on the vase. DONE.

DIY Laptop Stand

1. Cut the template on an A4 size paper. Its upper side should equal the length of the short side of your laptop. Leave a small "holder" at the lower end, as shown on the image below.
2. Use the pieces of paper to mark the cutting lines on a piece of cardboard. 
3. Cut using by the line using a paper knife or a pair of scissors. 
4. Put the pieces together and enjoy.

By the Author:
This is the second time round a DIY project is provided to my blog. The first time resulted in one of the most viewed posts on the DIY-Planet: "Cleaning a Coach Handbag". Today, these projects were whispered to me by a friend of mine living in Chelsea who works for Star Domestic Cleaners.

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