Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Guide to Lazy Cleaning

Even though, at a DIY blog, we are not supposed to be lazy, but when it comes to cleaning there are some shortcuts that anyone can take. Are you too lazy to clean? Read further and save yourself some precious time and effort.

Getting the Best Out of Cleaning Methods

There are ways for the lazy person to achieve a relatively high level of cleanliness. The following guidelines will get you through doing just enough to insure having a clean and comfortable residence. Cleaning better will actually happen without feeling any extra effort.

Procrastination is Your Enemy

The most common case for the lazy person is to wait until the very last moment, when it is all a big mess. Probably the biggest mistake. If the work is spread throughout some days during the week, then it will seem less overall. Choosing to procrastinate today's cleaning tasks will lead to them becoming more and more with every day that passes by. Do the little required to insure your residence stays intact. But if you still decide to leave some of the work for another day, choose the one when you will have enough spare time to not feel bothered about having to clean. As if you have limited time you will find something much better than cleaning to do. Never allow housework to pile up.

Cleaning on the Go

Cleaning on the move is a technique that will suit lazy people perfectly. If you solve those small problems while doing something else, for example dusting one or two surfaces while going from one room to another, will reduce the need for cleaning to only general areas. However, a person who does not have time for cleaning, who lives in a big property could prove to be an issue. This seems like a problem and the most common resolution is to hire a maid or a cleaning services provider.

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Equipment and Tools

For people who won't enjoy some extra sweat it is of a huge importance to have the right equipment and tools. Powerful cleaners will do the job instead of you but this certainly does not mean to rush to the supply store and get a whole bunch of the latest commercial cleaners. Opt for only what is needed.