Wednesday, June 5, 2013

DIY Staircase: Mount Your Stairs in One Day Without a Carpenter

The connection of an upstairs room is most of the times complicated and costly. Carpenters and blacksmiths are usually needed. Have you ever thought, instead, about buying an adjustable staircase assembly kit? Would you like a straight staircase or a spiral staircase? No problem. Thanks to mounting kits and simple and detailed instructions (in pictures or videos), in just one day you'll be able to mount and use one of the various models of staircases in kit.

Before starting the assembly, unpackage all the items of the scale. Lay them out on a large surface, and verify that the quantity of the items is as shown in the printed assembly instructions.

Once you have determined the proper adjustment of the support steps, based on the size of your environment and in relation to the height to be reached by the stairs, you can proceed to the assembly.

A very important part is the drilling of the floor in correspondence with the arrival of the staircase. Then the ladder assembly is fast: starting from the top you must install the steps, propping up everything as you procees down towards the bottom.

It is essential to include a prop every 4-5 supports mounted, and it is strictly forbidden to climb the ladder before it is secured to the floor with the last step. Once the staircase is fixed to the ground you can proceed with the construction of the railing, screwing the appropriate hardware stakes and setting its wooden handrail.

To complete the assembly you will need to apply the various caps below the poles, the hardware for wall stiffening and the caps closing the side of the staircase.

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