Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Learning DIY Together – What is DIY Planet

Learning is a complex process. DIY is an abbreviation with an even more complex meaning.

However, we are here to have fun while learning to be DIY masters. This is why the DIY-Planet is a blog designed to bring fresh ideas, practical and simple fixes, and related materials to you.

Discussions, opinions and tips are always welcomed. This is why this blog is a planet – we want to hear from you.

“What can I expect from DIY Planet?”

This reader-orientated blog will bring a balanced mix of fun and hard work. Let us all fix our homes, workplaces, even cars and personal belongings.

Keeping this blog personal, I will share my own insights. Criticise, suggest and help me and the readers learn and improve. Become the DIY master in your home. Do not be afraid to try and fix your own things on your own.

Motivation and desire can help every person achieve everything. I will try to prove this in several ways:
  • Me fixing different stuff
  • Useful content from reliable sources
  • Showing your ideas in action