Tuesday, March 26, 2013

DIY Easter Decorations Photo Guide - Creative Ideas

It is time for Easter decorations, so here are some inspiration and creative ideas. Here at the DIY-Blog we made a simple guide to do your own accessories. This idea is pretty simple and allows you to use your own imagination. With bunnies and eggs the main theme, we chose the former and here is the result:

Decorative Eggs Easter Decoration

An easy, yet effective idea. You can have these placed anywhere. You are free to use your imagination and decorate these yourself. Children can also be involved in this fun project.

Materials Needed

Start with an egg, a silicone pistol and some fabric paint. Of course, have a brush and some decorative elements (beads and caps). You are free to use whatever you can think of. As you can see in one of the images above, the fabric-made flowers are a great addition to the decorations.

How to Do the DIY Easter Decorations

First, make a hole in the egg shelve. Then of course, empty it. It should look like that:

Second, paint the egg in your desired colour. A tip for doing it without breaking the egg is to insert an object of the appropriate size in the hole to act as a handle.  

Holding the beads to the egg is the last thing that is good to know. From then on you are free to use your own imagination in decorating. Hold several beads on a string to make a complete circle. 
It will be fixed with silicone on the bottom of the egg to hold it straight.
Use tweezers to place the beads carefully. And the result:

So basically, this is it. Wasn't hard at all, was it? Here are several more inspiring designs:

Follow the blog to learn how to make these decorative flowers. Expect a tutorial in the near future. Thanks for reading!