Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Why doing DIY?

Is it more of a hobby, or is it because of saving money? This is a question you should answer. Find the survey on the right and give your opinion.

The first questions that pops in mind, is whether the money-saving is worth it. And why shouldn't it be? Done properly, our DIY fixes won't be just quickies. The main thing, in my opinion, is that if you are fixing your personal home, possession, etc., you probably know its weak spots, you know what to emphasise on. In addition, no one knows your personal preferences better than you.

Proper desire and guidance lead the way for successful DIY

We are at this stage where you know what should be fixed. You want it fixed and the only thing left to make sure the experience will be trouble-free, is to get some proper guidance. This is where the DIY-planet wants to become your number one source for trusted information. If you want to ask what kind of tools, equipment or approach to take, this is the right place. Tackle the trouble and do it youself.  

A better understanding

Once we know why something is done, we are halfway through understanding how to do it. In no means DIY is an easy job. It requires a lot of skills, which we will later try and sum up, but proper guidance is certainly going to help even the clumsiest person.