Sunday, March 31, 2013

DIY Coffee Table - Living Room Table DIY

As most of us know, a small living room table is not very practical for dining. However, as a place to have our daily cup of coffee, a couch area with a small coffee table in the living room has a number of benefits. With some additions this will become your favourite place to see in the morning. Besides space-saving, such a DIY project can prove to be a stylish one.

Materials Needed

In one of the first posts I pointed out which are my essential DIY tools. This project is not different at all. Included are my personal favourite the drill driver, using a bit for wood with a size that matches the screws one. 

Of course, use screw cover stickers to not make any compromise with quality and final result.

Standard cabinet slides (rails) 45cm.

The chipboard material I bought was around half a sheet. It was cut into 8 pieces by a professional. The planned size is  47x47x47cm, so exclude 2.5cm of two opposing brown pieces' sides. 

The Process

  • First, the two opposing pieces should be held together. This is done by installing the top to hold them together. 

  • The two small chipboard pieces are used to make this particular part of the table higher. 

  • Install the rails 2.5cm from the bottom and just above the two holding pieces. 

The first part of the DIY coffee table is done

  •  This is the second part. It is the slightly smaller one that will fit into the first. 

  • After  assembling it, install the rails on the outer sides. 

  • Something I can't give you a complete tutorial. Make logic work and be sure it fits!

The DIY Coffee Table Ready for Use

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Small, light, folding and practical. You can easily move it away and use a higher table for having a meal. Meanwhile, use it to for a small relax point in your home. Add some nice curtains. Clean and declutter the living room.