Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Know More About Colours

The colour settings in our homes can have a different influence on our feelings. If you are up to a remodelling project, it is good to know more about what colours mean. This will help you find the one that will have a particular type of effect.


white interior
White influences in a positive way. It is the colour of the saints and heaven. It is sublime. Hypothetically, it can also have an effect on people's health. White is quite an universal colour. Even if hundreds of symbolic meanings can be found, for large spaces this colour becomes meaningless, boring and makes the whole place too much monotonic. It is said that those who like white are ambitious, persistent, hard-bitten, and with a clear purpose in life. Oppositely, those who can't stand white and it bothers them are probably greedy, excessively ambitious (in a negative way).  


pink interiorPink has only positive meanings. It is one of the colours of love, in provokes feeling of happiness. It is also the colour of youth, humanity and devotion


Some people call it "the soul of energy". It is the colour of wisdom, the one of the Indian yogis. It leads to the idea of thoughtfulness and stability.  orange interior design


It is a clearing colour. It is mostly chosen by people willing to refresh, to clear their minds of negative thoughts. In terms of choosing blue for your home, go for a milder, brigher nuance.


The colour of nature. It affects growth, body regeneration, provokes peace, hope, feeling for abundance. It predisposes relaxation. Darker nuances of green speak of elegance. Green design for your home will probably mean you are open to people, you are social and responsible.


violet bedroom interior
Mainly a symbol of royalty, violet has many other meanings that might be quite different from the aforementioned one. It shows modesty, wit, physical strength and willpower. It opens horizons. The creation of violet speaks pretty much for itself - it contains the fire of the red and the cool breeze of the blue, which is why people who prefer violet are usually two-minded.


This is one of the colours with negative symbolic.  It is the colour of illnesses. Combined with black it shows some kind of emotional loss and pain. It is a colour that lacks emotion. 


A mind-stimulating colour, it helps for better memory. People who like yellow can be said to be generous, sensitive, emotional but prone of falling under someone else's influence. It is suitable for people of art, who enjoy social appreciation. Such people often provoke envy in others. Yellow can make you happy but it can also make you hungry. 


Red stimulates living processes. It acts as a tonic for the body and mind. The source of life and energy.  It affects productivity but it is good to know that protracted exposure is  very tiring.
red room interior


brown room interior
The colour of earth. It provokes desire for consistency and deeds. If this is you favourite colour, than your surrounding people probably know they can always count on you. 

So, the next time it happens to remodel your home, think of how you want your surroundings to affect you. Whether you do it yourself or not, it is good to have these colours' meanings in mind.