Thursday, April 11, 2013

What the World Would be Like if Home Cleaning Didn't Exist

Even if home cleaning is not such a major global problem, its non-existence would still influence the world. Let's imagine what would it be like, if no homeowner had to face housework. In order to be able to reach a final conclusion about the consequences of this, we have to first go through the past, the present and the future of cleaning. What if cleaning never existed? I will try to find an answer to this question in an imaginary world of cleanliness.

The Past of Home Cleaning

Not long ago, housekeeping was a totally different story. It has underwent many changes to become what we know now. From the cleaning products used, thorough tools and equipment, to by who and how the housework was done.

  • Social Differences

Starting from the time when women were not allowed to have a job. This is when the domestic labour was performed by them only. Even if nowadays there are housewives, it is not an obligation, women are free and have the rights to do whatever they want. In the past, men were responsible for earning enough to insure the family has enough for proper living. The society was more men oriented, which put housekeeping responsibilities on women's backs.

  • Cleaning Products, Tools and Ways from the Past

Past cleaning products include ingredients that can be found in most households today. Both then and now they have other uses as well. For example, these are vinegar, baking soda, homemade soap made of animal fat, ash, sand and more. Share in the comments below, other cleaning products you know from the past.

Tools were not present. Everything was done on hand. For example, doing the laundry in a bucket required some elbow grease. The floors were cleaned with a broom and a dustpan. Imagine that the result could never be as good as what you can achieve now, by simply running the vacuum cleaner. No super-absorbent mops, steam cleaners, etc. Just the old-school mop.

The Future of Home Cleaning

Cleaning robots
Do you expect robotics to be introduced in our daily routines even more? No doubt there are many more people who think so. Development and research for the future of home cleaning are certainly an ongoing processes even at this moment. Vacuum cleaning robots are something most people should have seen or heard about. Laundry and dish-washing machines are present and offer the much-needed let-off. Even more so, there are cleaning products for every surface, fabric, or stain possible. All kind of chemical substances can be found in most commercial cleaners.

However, the trend of going back to the past in terms of the cleaning products we use, is going to continue, hopefully. If we want to live in a better place, the one called Earth, we should all look to go a little bit in the past, in terms of decreasing the negative impact the never-ending human technological and scientific advancement have.

What if?

Let's now look at the more global aspect of the non-existence of home cleaning. First, this will mean that a large part of the manufacturing industry would not be present. No cleaning machines, no detergents, sprays, etc. This will probably mean that the environmental footprint people have would've probably be less significant.

What cleaning non-existence will mean? Our homes will be permanently clean? No dust, no dirt, no grime. Would this mean that you can walk on the bed with the shoes on? Who knows, but probably yes. The dog won't mess the house? So many questions but only the wildest imagination can answer them all.

In conclusion, even if you don't find cleaning a huge concern, it would certainly benefit the world if it didn't exist. Hire home cleaners in London and forget about housework. They will make housekeeping seem like it has never existed.