Monday, March 25, 2013

DIY Chandelier - Easy and Simple Plastic Chandelier

DIY chandelier

You need an easy and cheap do it yourself chandelier for the garden, basement, or anywhere else? Here is a clever suggestion.This small DIY project provides a solution for reusing plastic cups. The DIY blog will look for more clever ideas for your home.

What you need for the homemade chandelier:

1.Plastic Cups 
Their number may vary depending on the size: 50 sounds like many, but is what was needed for the one I made. There are different sizes and colours. You can always experiment with some colourful lighting. For example, green garden light can create a fairytale outdoor setting for the summer nights. My choice was plain and simple.

2. Paper clips
For each cup in all rows, except for the bottom and the upper ones, 4 clips will be needed.  2 packs of 100 each might be more than enough.

3. Safety pins
These will be needed for the upper row of cups. The safety pins (at least 4) and the clips should be joined together. 

4. A light metal chain
This will be needed to hold the "chandelier". After assembling the cups, and installing the safety pins, the chain will be used to hold our project safely up. 

How to make the DIY chandelier:

The image pretty much explains it all. It is simple and easy. However, it still requires some handiness. Clip the cups safely together until you assemble a complete circle. From then on, do the rows below.

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