Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Top 3 DIY Stores in the UK Every DIYer Must Visit

Every diy-er knows good tools and supplies equal half the job well done. This is why you'd be more than happy if you have a local hardware store nearby. Still, I bet supplies quality comes first for bigger and more significant diy projects, so here are the most useful and comprehensive hardware stores in the UK every diy-er must visit.

Reasons Why Your Local Store is Not Always the Best

Being in the eve of a big project, the good preparation is key for further success. You now have to first go to the hardware store, but often the electrical features you need are in another shop. Add that you need plumbing supplies or gardening tools – these are 5 different places you may have to visit.

Quality and Prices
Big hardware and diy chains in the UK like B&Q, Home Depot, Focus DIY buy directly from manufacturers. Many have stores all across Britain and try to always give you the lowest prices. For them, quality means reputation and to reach this level they surely know its importance.

Product Diversity
Hand and power tools, keys, locks, housewares, cleaning products, etc. Different retail lines at one place – all you need under one roof.

Saving on Commuting
The commuting to a bigger supplies store in the UK often proves to be a better investment in several ways.

Hassle - Gone
Secondly, they are hassle-free and organised, so that you can find everything at one place. T

Here is the list of the Top 3 DIY Stores in the UK

  1. Argos – brands tend to change ownership. This is one that has done it. But what matters is that during all those over 45 years this retailer has managed to not only to survive but always be ahead of the time. Local branches as well as big out-of-town warehouses – over 45000 products are available at some stores. If you live in UK, you've probably been there done that. Visit their website, and locate your local store.
  2. Block & Quayle – a brand with a vast history. Over 40 years of existence with the staggering 359 stores currently in UK. Large warehouse stores + a garden center - comprehensively covering anything a diy-er needs. It may not be very diverse when it comes to furniture, but there are furnishing and décor pieces in excess, for every woman diy-er to fall in love. And the diy section is full of hand tools, sets, power tools... Just enter the store and your project is already started – you will soon be on your way to your place. Fast and easy. Visit BQ website.
  3. Homebase – thirt in number of stores in the United Kigdom. But a DIY store you must also visit. Over 38,000 products for the home and garden. Walk a big warehouse for all the essential stuff you need for a big building project. Browse Homebase website and find your local store.

Top-Rated by the DIY Communities Online

Screwfix 255 stores in the UK each offering over 10,000 products. Their click and collect service - order by your smartphone and by the time you arrive - your selected items will await. Collect today or next day options - click here to learn more about this option. Voted best by online DIY communities and certainly worthy to join or even lead the above list.

Wickes DIY -  knowledgeable and helpful staff matters, and Wickes is the right place if you need qualified assistance for your choice. With over 200 stores in the UK, your DIY project may start sooner than you think.

Two More Things From My To-Do List

  • Visit historic buildings in London. Architecture and home décors of first class. All the luxury, I love the lavish feel and creative design of those places where Lords have lived. Will start with a short list of Richmond located places of historical importance
  • Start the Winterish home revamp! Just a few this and that's, rearranging for the days which I'll finally be able to spend home. With recent months so busy, I had hardly even blogged. Have your best ideas for winter home improvement mentioned in the comments below! Browse HGTV designs for inspiration!

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