Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How to Clean Sateen Coach Handbags

Brown beige sateen leather handbag
Bags – probably the most precious accessory for women.

Coach fans should be well aware of the fabric called sateen. Unfortunately, this material tends to get dirty with ease. Moreover, the stains often remain unnoticed. As someone who buys and sells mostly Coach bags, I’m often disappointed when I get one that is photographed and described as being “flawless”, but comes to me rather dirty. In the process I've learned some tips that will help you boost your sateen bags appearance.

Luckily, sateen plays a trick on the eye. It is shiny and reflective, so you’ll find yourself moving the bag to see if that is, in fact a dirt mark or stain. That can work to your benefit. Unfortunately, sometimes bags are get this dirty that there is no excuse but to take care.

While we are talking about sateen, it is good to know, if you don't own such a bag, that most are trimmed with leather. Products that are safe for car's leather will be good for the Coach handbags' leather trim as well. Thus, you can go on and grab that leather interior cleaner. It’s cheaper than the Coach cleaner or anything else and will serve double purpose.

You Don't Need Any Expensive Cleaning Solutions

It is important to bear in mind that sateen must not be scrubbed. There is fine layer that you can be pulled out. Instead, start off with the following process before experimenting with any other fancy solutions:

  1. Lay the bag down on a flat surface
  2. Damp a soft dish rag
  3. Dab and gradually saturate the soiled area
  4. Liquid hands soap is a great remedy for stains. Put on the dish rag and apply to the soiled area
  5. Do it carefully and dilute the soap with several additional drops of water
  6. Use the dry end of a towel to blot out some of the water and soap
  7. After waiting for no more than 10 minutes, apply more water, and again blot out with dry end of towel
  8. Allow bag to air dry for a day or two.

If you can’t see the improvement, don’t worry, it will be much better once it's dried out.
Other good cleaning solutions for your sateen handbag include dish-washing detergent and carpet cleaners. Proper drying is essential. Drying the bag with a hair-dryer is not recommended.

Daniel's note: 

This is a guest post by a friend of mine Ana Cole. Now this blog is beautiful, thanks to you, Ana.

On the Author: 

Not a fashion freak as there is nothing much for Ana to freak out about - being good-looking and stylish is in her nature. She may not be much of a DIY person, bearing in mind the home cleaners she hires, but when it comes to the maintenance of her expensive garments.. Ohh, no one is allowed to come close.

Visit Ana's G+ profile and don't forget to add me as well.

Last week's contribution to my blog came from a home cleaning company in London, whose awesome representatives made sure to thank me after finding how to easily make a coffee table for their craftsmanship team-building. They now have one in their office. Hope to have a photo soon. 

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