Thursday, November 6, 2014

Bright Colours for Your Home - Where to Use

I have cleaned a lot of properties in my day and one of the things I found completely baffling was and still is the decisions some people make when it comes to colours and their placement. Red bathroom and black living rooms might seem edgy on paper, but to spend quality time in a dark room or try to relax in a room with an aggressive colour scheme messes with your brain on a subconscious level. Colours hold a mystical power over the human brain and the responsibility to recognize this falls on our shoulders. 

Your home is all about comfort and relaxation. That being set, bright colours belong in certain rooms with designated functions. I'll break down the three most powerful and somewhat irritating colours and show you where they can easily belong and contribute to a healthy life. 


Fire. Blood. Passion. You can't get more aggressive than red. Intense and stimulating, red fills in for coffee, when coffee doesn't cut it and can wake up even the sleep-deprived. Some specialists have implied red affects the appetite, so a dining room in a deep, rich shade can turn every meal into a big, festive event with conversations and jokes. You can make a bold statement, if you paint your entryway in red. Considering how little time people spend there, brighter shades work as well.

 Red is often used for decoration of vintage style homes or vintage furniture

red vintage sofa by the window in a room with a small table


Sun, fun and energy. Yellow charges people in an instant, so too much can overwhelm an individual. Paint small spaces or accent walls in a vibrant shade, while larger rooms can best benefit from more honeyed, subdued shades. Given its intensity, you should spare your eyes additional strain and use it as sparingly as possible. Avoid this colour anywhere near bedrooms, studies or home offices. Even hallways leading to them can strain your psyche. 

a yellow staircase, and a green wall


Most people associate this colour with the fruit and how it tastes. Fresh, citrus and invigorating best describe this colour. It gathers your focus and it warms without aggression or strain to your eyes. Therefore, you can spend more time in rooms painted orange. Exercise rooms or craft rooms can unlock your full potential, if their walls have orange in some capacity. Paint in some white to offset the energy and you will achieve perfection. 
bedroom with orange elements

A general risk with bright colours along with white for that matter involves dirt and scuff marks. Dust can dull the shade and you will have to concern yourself with properly tending this specific problem.

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