Monday, January 12, 2015

DIY-Planet's Annual Report on Visits and Most Viewed Posts

Hello DIY-ers,

This is one of my more unrelated posts with insights on the blog's visitor statistics. While the blog remains fairly unpopular, I wanted to share some of the key moments of the past year and a plan for the upcoming 2015.

During 2014 DIY Planet has had near 8,000 pageviews, which accounts to a bit more half of the total views that can be seen in exact accuracy on the bottom right of the sidebar. In addition, there isn't a strong regular-following audience accounting for 90% new sessions, the traffic comes to single posts only.

Top Posts in 2014

Here is a list with the top posts in 2014 and their visitor stats:

  1. Cleaning a Coach Handbag - the best seller of the blog has 4,500 views during 2014, half of which from mobile devices, which only comes to show women read Ana Cole's post on the go - probably after staining their precious sateen Coach bag.
  2. DIY Easy and Simple Chandelier - second with just 500 views, with most of the traffic coming from Google's image search for a... small plastic cup. I won't be bragging here, I must even hide because these are some poor statistics compared to some big blogs I follow. 
  3. How to Make Vinegar - while it hasn't recently been top viewed for the month, making vinegar has been a viewed post on the DIY Planet. One of my favourite posts which will guide you through making your own homemade vinegar. Third with 120 views, the statistics show that the rest of the traffic is evenly separated in little proportions to other posts of mine. 
  4. Cleaning and Vinegar - being on the topic of vinegar I was inspired to write a post about using it for household cleaning. Another 120 people during 2014 have also went through my trusted homemade cleaning solutions. 

Top Referrals

Above 800 visits came from referral links and social media.

  1. - I commented with a link to my recent post about emergency decluttering, and the audience of Becoming Minimalist seems to be interested to learn what I had to say. 
  2. Cleaning Talk forum post about cleaning with vinegar - with 46 replies at the moment this post has attracted traffic. The community seems lively after all because I think this is a quite poor forum with a lot of spam, but still.
  3. In a post for the health benefits of organic apple cider I've commented about ways to prepare your own solution and how to use it for cleaning. Again - the same story. 
  4. Pinterest posts:
Brown Beige Sateen bag shared by 3 people.
The DIY Chandelier shared by Virginia.

Funny thing is I don't even use Pinterest. Must do it, and soon!

In conclusion, talking about referral traffic, comments in relevant blogs and website is always good. Some do it for the wrong purpose and I bet they get nothing in return. But see - it is possible and I get quite some traffic.

This post was inspired by a recent press release I wrote for a cleaning company in London. Read more about the annual statistics for 2014 of Star Domestic Cleaners. Show me some love and give it a read!

Thanks for reading, if there are barely 50 visits of this post ever.

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