Wednesday, December 4, 2013

DIY and Crafts - 10 Gifs DIYers Will Understand

What a wise intro. Now to the real thing - here is a short compilation of funny, or not-so, gifs for all of us - diy-ers.

Sometimes we fail. Even the best.

A roundabout like the one in the park - it looks like a fail from a mile.

I often end up like that
 and then I just ...

Do you fail? Share your worst fail, we want to hear about it.

A beer (or 20) for all the successful DIY projects

One for the laziest of us

For all the clever & fun tricks

I still associate creativity with women

For all the REALLY USEFUL projects

A diy stove? I am about to try it.

Keep up the good work and may your projects always end up like that

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