Tuesday, December 3, 2013

DIY Cat Nail Scratcher

Kitty 4 months old and me - some morning cuddling

Having recently experienced taking a small kitten in my home, I had to come up with something for nail scratching. Fortunately, I did it in time, so the furniture is safe, as much as the cat can get used to scratching its nails on this particular place.

There are many different types of scratchers that can be done, but this one became my cat's favourite one.

Materials Needed for the DIY Nail Scratching Post

Basically this small project includes 3 main components.
  • First, there is a pad to hold the construction upright. This could be any piece of thick wood. You can even use an old cutting board. 
  • Then another piece of wood will be needed. A long one, if possible cylindrical. Cardboard is also an option but it will be harder to join the parts together. Some kind of tube is also an option.
  • Rope - thin, or thick - even these big old ropes will do the job. 
Knowing the materials you will pretty much guess how to assemble the scratcher yourself. 

A long nail or a screw through the bottom facing the upper side that holds the tube, or the wooden piece upright. Be sure to make it as strong as possible as these little kittens have so much power.  

As you can see mine is pretty tidy, but even if you don't put so much effort and care, it will still be one of your cat's favourite places to scratch her/his nails. 

Is your scratch different? I am looking for more ideas and different types of nail scratchers for my kitten. Make sure to share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for reading!

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